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Time management tool to increase productivity

Privacy first: Guaranteed. Your data never leaves your computer without your explicit consent: this makes us different than other software tracker applications! iamhomer does the analysis and reporting only on your computer.

Core features

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How does iamhomer look like?


User testimonials

"I worked a lot, but with few results, I thus had to finish my work at home. Plus, my supervisor said I always looked on the gloomy side of things. The most frustrating part about it was that he also hinted I probably spent way too much time smoking and drinking coffee. iamhomer made it abundantly clear at the end of the day of its first use that my hunch was absolutely right. I sat in front of my computer screen all day - working. Two weeks later, following a meeting, I convinced my boss by the evidence of my work to hire a new administrator. The company not just started looking for a new employee but has already found my new colleague.
My boss never mentioned again I took too many breaks." — Irina, office secretary

"Not too superficial, not too detailed. I can gain a comprehensive insight in an overview into what I actually spend my time on, and my overtime hours already made a full day at the very beginning of February, so I could take a day off. Work is work, but when I’m with my family, work doesn’t exist; maintaining a proper work-life balance is a piece of cake using iamhomer. My co-worker also started using it yesterday." — @johnebler

"I work for multiple clients at the same time and bounce back and forth between various tasks: hourly billing was a complete nightmare. iamhomer simply creates a report on exactly how many hours I spent on a project at the end of a month - I can thus charge a project fee for all hours actually worked. No more - let alone no less.." — Esteban, freelance translator


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Our mission

People are obsessed with productivity these days, but few think about what it actually means. In the traditional sense, the phrase "increasing productivity" means making more money, goods, or both. But being more productive now has a much more personal meaning. Ultimately, it's about achieving goals and making the most of your time.

Keeping detailed records of the time you spend on projects is an absolute necessity for individuals, teams and organizations. It helps you understand where you spend your time, map your activity and give insights on how to be increase productivity so you can focus on the most important task at hand.

iamhomer does more than just create self-awareness through its simple time management capabilities and reports. It also helps you stay on track while you work and keep focus on what really matters.

We're thrilled to share this tool with anyone that face challenges in the productivity space.